Structured Intervention

Interfering Can Save Lives - Help those who don't appear to want help

Structured intervention is a service for families and colleagues of people addicted to alcohol and other drugs. It is a proven method used to break the denial of addicts and help them on their road to recovery.

The Structured Intervention method used by RECOVERY RESOURCES is designed as a gentle but impacting process delivered by caring persons to convince an alcoholic/addict to willingly seek help.

All interventions are performed by experienced personnel.

You do not have to wait until rock bottom before you intervene

Early Structured Intervention works. It is never too early to intervene.

The majority of structured interventions we complete result in the person seeking help/treatment immediately.

If a positive response is not immediate - i.e. if the addicted person initially denies he/she has a problem - it will not be long before they seek help. The family/colleagues/friends will learn how to collectively stop enabling continued dependency and the consequential destructive behaviour.

The Structured Intervention method used was developed by the renowned Johnson Institute in Minneapolis which was founded by Dr Vernon Johnson. Johnson believed that the alcoholic did not need to "hit rock bottom" before recovery. He introduced the concept of Structured Intervention by family, friends, and employers. He supported "early Structured Intervention", because it interrupted the progression of the disease of alcoholism before the disease completely destroyed the alcoholic's life.


The Structured Intervention Process

We carry out an initial interview with up to two members of the concerned family to see if a Structured Intervention is appropriate.

The Structured Intervention team (family, colleagues, friends) are educated in a group setting by trained Intervention specialists about the condition of substance dependence and how it has affected them – as well as the individual.

Specific data is gathered so that the pattern of dependency is confirmed and there can be no denying its course – both the effect of the addiction on the individual and the group as a whole.

People often ask if their own family or colleagues can do a Structured Intervention without professional guidance.

We strongly recommend that you do not try to carry out a Structured Intervention without professional guidance. You may have tried something like this many times without success. Interventions need to be carefully thought through, well prepared and delicately handled, and it is unrealistic to expect those without training – however well intentioned – to be able to see the whole process through without external support and direction from a trained professional.

Structured Intervention can also be used to assist with people who are addicted to gambling, the internet, sex, shopping, emotions, food, inhalants, debiting, prescription medication, exercise, relationships, pornography, work, nicotine and more.