How To Help An Alcoholic

How To Help An Alcoholic In Denial - Alcohol Addiction Help, Auckland NZ

The first step in helping an alcoholic on their road to recovery is to have them accept that they have a problem.

Recovery Resources have had tremendous success in achieving this goal using Structured Intervention, a proven method used to break the denial of alcoholics and help them with the next steps of recovery.

Do you have an alcoholic Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Parent or Friend?

Structured Intervention can help!

The Structured Intervention method used by Recovery Resources is designed as a gentle but impacting process to convince an alcoholic to willingly seek help.

Interventions are carefully thought through, well prepared and delicately handled by experienced & trained Intervention Specialists, with the help of caring family & friends.

You do not have to wait until rock bottom before you intervene

Early Structured Intervention works. It is never too early to intervene. The alcoholic does not need to "hit rock bottom" before recovery.

Structured Intervention can interrupt the progression of the disease of alcoholism before the disease completely destroyed the alcoholic's life.

People often ask if their own family or friends can do a Structured Intervention without professional guidance. We strongly recommend against this. Many people try their own interventions without success. It is unrealistic to expect those without training – however well intentioned – to be able to see the whole process through without external support and direction from a trained professional.