Assessment& Diagnosis

Assessment & Initial Diagnosis

Recovery Resources offer a professional service to diagnose drug, alcohol and other addiction. Our diagnostic tools include interviewing skills, psychometric testing (The SASSI), the Jellinek Chart and the Triage Assessment.

Our diagnosis is carried out by experienced clinicians, and is followed by a comprehensive written assessment to back up the conclusion.

Many businesses and individual family members have trusted our expertise in this area. We have been contracted to Air New Zealand and the Civil Aviation Authority to assess and diagnose staff whose jobs are safety sensitive.

Our diagnosis will give a clear picture of a history of chemical use that can be interpreted by our clinicians to include DSMIV and ICD10 dependency classification criteria. We also diagnose adolescents using a psychometric test specially designed for them. We cover all CNS (central nervous system) drugs such as alcohol, amphetamines (including P) cannabis, heroin, methadone, morphine, benzodiazepines, cocaine, steroids, party drugs, prescribed and legal drugs.